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— Glimpse into my latest exhibitions

My journey as an artist in my latest exhibitions

2017: 5 Exhibitions (to be updated)

2017 : VISA Arts Festival 

Surrounded by South Asian artists, it was refreshing to see colour vibrating on the walls. We are a colourful community. This exhibit was evidence of that.
— July 2017, Beaux Arts Gallery Brampton

2017: Published in a book

Scarbrought Arts
Published in
 'Big Art Book'

Big Art Book - Digital Copy available. 

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, it was true privilege and glory to have my work published in print forever.
— January 2017 at the PaperMill Gallery

2016: 3 Exhibitions

Nuit Blanche at the Red Head Gallery
'Bright Lights at Night'

Over 4,500 attended the Nuit Blanche exhibition
— October 22, 2016 at the Red Head Gallery (Nuit Blanche 2016)

Super Wonder Gallery
'MUSE 2016'

Over 70 artists across Toronto exhibited at MUSE 2016. To be a part of this great exhibition was truly energizing!
— September 2016 , Super Wonder Gallery

Scarborough Arts
Spring Forward

‘Fresh Wonder’ has been one my treasured peices. In different lights the painting changes from sunrise, to sunset. I am grateful to have been involved at SA.
— May 2016, Scarborough Arts at the Bluffs Gallery

2015 : 2 Exhibitions

Salon of Inclusiveness

3 original paints were involved in this exhibition. The energy, crowd and venue was a sight to remember. Great wrap to 2015.
— December 2015 at Toronto's BlackCat' Gallery

Scarbourgh Arts
'Poetry Came inside of me'

My first exhibit that led the path to becoming a professional artist. This will always be a highlight in my story for me and my family.
— September 2015, Scarbrought Arts at the Bluffs Gallery

My proud parents.