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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
— Pablo Picasso

My First Blog Post & Advice that led me to Nuit Blanche!

Well hello there,

Welcome to my first blog post!
Take a seat, get comfortable while I introduce myself.

Thiviyaa's Travelling Canvas : Phnom Kulen Waterfall, Siem Reap, Cambodia  Backpacking through South East Asia (2017)

Thiviyaa's Travelling Canvas : Phnom Kulen Waterfall, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Backpacking through South East Asia (2017)

If you haven't figured it out by now (which would be really how did you get here if you don't know?), my name is Thiviyaa Sehasothy and I am a Freelance Artist in Toronto.

If you were to have told me a few years ago, I would be referring to myself as a Freelance Artist, I'd laugh and say "shhh... people barely know I am a painter, and it's a secret that only my family and closest friends know about it. I am fine with just doing it as a hobby". But I would have  been lying, since I've always wanted to have my art in exhibits but the thought of sharing my art publicly, terrified me. That all changed in September 2015. 

How it all got started

Not many people know that I owe the launch of my professional art career to a dear friend of mine, who sent me my first application to apply for a juried exhibition in 2015.

Opens email 'Apply for this. Send your paintings in. This is perfect for you'

I kid you not, I got hysterical.

' That's not funny, you want me to send in my paintings, to a juried panel, to hope to have my work up publicly in a gallery, so humans can see it... on this planet? And that's IF I get accepted!? Like real artists do?!'

*cue hyperventilation

'Yes. The deadline is in 2 days. Now go work on your application.'
I did not go down without a fight...before she won and told me there was no harm in trying.
She was right. I had no idea, the gift she had given my passion and my artistic career. Thank you. (More about her and our amazing collaboration soon)
MUSE 2016 Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto

MUSE 2016
Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto

Long story short, a year and a half later, I have been in 5 exhibits, published in an art book celebrating Canada's 150th and knocked off a bucket list item - having my art up in Toronto's largest art event, Nuit Blanche.To know that my paintings are in homes, is a dream come true. 

Take it from me, dare to dream big. The universe may just surprise you.

It's been an incredible year thus far, and I can't wait to share the projects, collaborations, exhibits and new collections I have in store for 2017!

Keep an eye out for 'Thiviyaa's Travelling Canvas' paintings. A special series of 'plein air' (outdoor paintings), that have all been done on my travels painting the scenic view - live, quickly and spontaneously.

Been just over a year since I launched Art By Thiviyaa
& I haven't turned back since.

Thank you for reading my first blog post. This is very new to me! So stop by, leave a comment, say hello or drop a question below. Until next time!