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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
— Pablo Picasso

My Interview with Toronto. com + Win my Painting!

Your chance to win my painting! 

*Rules to win the painting are at the bottom of the blog.

Humbled and honoured to share my recent interview with As one of the artists involved in the City of Toronto's Gallery City exhibition partnered by Metrolinx, Crosslinx Transit Solutions, Eglinton Crosstown, Scarborough Arts.

It's a rewarding feeling seeing everything come together slowly. I hope you can take a minute or two and read the article. I share my process, journey and details about where you can find my paintings in the exhibition.

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Featured on

Vote for my painting and it could be yours! Keep reading for the rules.

Have you read the article yet? No? I can wait, scroll back up and read it and come back here :)

Alright, here is your chance to win an original Art By Thiviyaa painting!

Thiviyaa Sehasothy - Inhale.jpeg

Painting was commissioned by Metrolinx, Crosslinx and City of Toronto and
you can have the chance to win it!


Acrylic on Canvas 2018

I am currently in an exhibit with the City of Toronto partnered with Metrolinx called Gallery City.

Gallery City takes place in eight distinct districts spanning Eglinton Avenue from Weston Road to Victoria Park Avenue, part of Metrolinx and Crosslinx Transit Solutions’ efforts to support and promote local businesses, art and artists in various communities during construction of the LRT. Following a special launch event June 21, Gallery City opened June 30 and will continue until Sept. 3.

The fun part of this exhibit is 1 of 4 paintings was commissioned by Metrolinx! There are 37 paintings avaialble to visitors to vote for your favourite painting and you might win it!

My paintings are located at the following art crawls.

  • Mt. Dennis/ Keelsedale in the 'We the North' gallery
  • Yonge/ Mt. Pleasant in the 'Nature' gallery

The art speaks to their diverse experiences and backgrounds, and their strong connection to their communities. Come to Eglinton Avenue this summer and discover their art, and find your own inspiration. The art pieces featured on the website are available to be won in the Gallery City contest. To enter, visit your chosen art crawls, note the artist codes of your favorite artists, and enter the artist code on your ballot (in store or online).

How to win?

  1. Fill out the ballot online or visit either the Mt.Dennis or Yonge/Mt. Pleasant's art crawl where 1 of 4 paintings are located. 

  2. Vote to win my painting! Make sure you write the correct artist code

  3. My artist code is: SEH- 003


If you voted for my painting, drop a comment below! I'd love to know.

Good luck and I hope you had the chance to read my article!