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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
— Pablo Picasso

2 Year Anniversary, Thank-you!

Art By Thiviyaa Turned 2!

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September 2017 marked the two-year anniversary

of my business and what a ride it has been! I am so grateful for the love and support my family and friends have showered me over the last two years when I finally decided to go public with my work. It's a beautiful feeling, when you can do what you love and not even notice it's ‘work’.

What better time than the end of 2017 to share my gratitude and experiences.


Thivs Travelling Canvas Series : Bali , Indonesia: 3 hour hike to see this stunning sunrise above the clouds

Thivs Travelling Canvas Series : Bali , Indonesia: 3 hour hike to see this stunning sunrise above the clouds

Two years ago, I was accepted into my first exhibit thanks to the push from a dear friend. For 15+ years, I only shared my paintings with my family and closest friends. I never called myself an artist and rarely would speak about it unless prompted. So this exhibit was the most daunting and exciting challenge I took on. I share more of my experience in my first blog post. Before I knew it I was creating custom orders for private and corporate clients and selling my original work.

The last two years, I have been in 10 exhibits, published in two books and showcased my work at Toronto’s largest art night ‘Nuit Blanche’ …twice. And of course, created special paintings for my amazing clients. The list of experiences since I launched is incredible and I’ve said it a few times, but I am incredibly grateful for my family and friends who have pushed me and believed in me even during times I had doubt. It has been a tough ride and I could never have pursued my dreams without you.

Thank you, Amma & Appa. I wouldn't be an artist without you.

Where to even start? I have been blessed with loving parents and a brother who have supported me who have been there since day 1. From the start, none of what I have accomplished would be possible without their love and care. I hope I have made you truly proud, for all the blessings you have showered me.

My parents at my first exhibit, 2015

My parents at my first exhibit, 2015

My parents gave me the space and freedom to create what I wished, and sparked my interest in the arts by taking me to my first art class when I was a kid. I will always remember their proud smile when they saw my paintings in a gallery for the first time. My parents have given me everything I have ever needed, and it was no exception for my dream as an artist. Although at first diving into the arts was not fully understood by them, they still supported me because they knew I was passionate about the arts. They joke that I always liked to be independent and I stubbornly never ask for help, but they never missed a moment to be there even without asking.

We are a tough love kind of family. When I tell them about any accomplishment or in my art, it's not always the best reaction haha. I run over and tell the great news, and they usually say 'oh okay, great!' and the conversation ends there. I follow up with, "how come you aren't as excited? It's like I told you ordinary news.'  The truth is, to them any achievement or success was not a surprise to them. They always knew I would get accepted to an exhibit, or sell a cherished painting, etc. That kind of confidence and belief has been the backbone of my upbringing. I guess that's the secret to parenting. 

Anna, my brother. Thank you for the blunt honesty

My older brother, Jeyen

My older brother, Jeyen

My brother, Jeyen. The hilarious and support brother that he is, does the complete opposite of my parents. He would always manage to pop into my room and watch me paint, making jokes on if I needed assistance so he could tell people he painted it, or to simply say one feedback and leave the room. It was the timing that was impeccable! I would bounce of my ideas, the issues I was having, and he would walk me through what to do. He gave me brutally honest criticism, which could sting and be frustrating but every-time his feedback made my work  better. An artist needs someone who can tell you real feedback. Sometimes all I would ask a self conscious question ' does part look odd', 8 of 10 times, he would say yes - because he knew I wanted to change it but had to hear it from him. You made me a better artist.

They never missed an exhibit. That's 10!

My family has not missed a single exhibit. They even showed up at midnight for Nuit Blanche-  both times! They are my favourite attendees and exhibits are not complete without them showing up. 

To my friends,
You have been my cheerleaders

I have been an artist for over 15 years and I seldom spoke about my art without being prompted. I have had friends who would mention I was an artist in conversations and I would sit there quietly, just nodding in agreement. I never called myself an artist until last year truthfully. Those of you who have shared your support, came to my exhibits or always wanted to hear how my business was going, THANK YOU! You all gave me the push and motivation I needed to finally go public with my work and rooted for me to get started. Best of all, thanks to word of mouth, you all told others about my work and next thing I knew... I was making custom paintings for clients. I have been lucky enough to say that my closest supporters were my first few clients.

Just a small handful of people who celebrated the milestone with me in September. Many missing!

To my clients,
without you, there is!

Always Looking Over you.jpg

You purchased local art, supported my work and were a pleasure to work with. I have spent months working on your paintings from the moment we start talking about your order to the day you pick it up. Because of you, I have created paintings I probably would never have thought of doing and challenged me as an artist. Without your stories and inspirations, these paintings would not the same. I hope to capture your narrative in my work, and that has been a true joy. A special thank you for gracing your walls in my paintings! I love seeing them in their forever homes.

Words from my clients: “Do what you think will work, I trust your vision". Music to an artist’s ears.

Thank you so much for reading and hope you continue to follow me on my journey. I am grateful for all the love and support and wanted to make sure I took the time to celebrate this milestone with you all.

If you read this far, thank you! Shhh... here's a secret!
I am doing an anniversary giveaway for the holidays for a print of my favourite painting of 2017!
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